Guests Comments

Here are some of the great comments left by visitors and resident artists. There are scores more! References gladly provided.

"Thoughtfully Eccentric" - Daniel Heald

"This is the best time we've had in Australia. Danke fur alles" - Kerstin Balden

"Like a vivid dream - If I could stay for eternity I would. Top stuff, Jim, seeya soon" - Jon Penny

"Came for a half-hour and stayed for a week!" - David Chew

"We loved it!" Gary Burke

"Warm Greeting - Warmer Hospitality Many Thanks" - Elspeth and Leith Shand

"Thanks for your warm hospitality. This is a special place to stay" - Ray and Annette Johnson

"Thanks for the mosaic workshop, we'll all be famous one day" - Katie Mcleod
grout wkshop

"Tres Jolie Galerie" - Suzanne Himout

"You have created a paradise here" - Christoph Nenmann

"Living is indeed an art. This place is beautiful" - Tina and Josh

"Excellent, when I get rich I am coming back to buy the painting 'Herself' " - Peta Channing

"It's wonderful to be able to live in a place surrounded by art works. Thanks for lending the whole place to us. Have a great life " - Sun / Keow Foo

"Molto Bello - molto tranquillo - molti catiguri" - Merlin Andrea

"Expectations Exceeded! See you soon with more people in tow" - Simon and Suze

"We enjoyed the combination of modern comforts and a country atmosphere" - Timothy Robertson

"I was at home as soon as I walked through the front door" - Jason Bradley

"I love the design of the house and garden. House has a lovely feel" - Loraine Mc Clelland

"Paridise in 3-D, emmigration looks better by the minute" - Argyle Wolf - Knapp, Jackson Heights, NY