Matan's Gallery

The Gallery has been in operation since 2000, and has been visited by local and international visitors and artists alike.
As we are part of the Margaret River Artisans, our gallery is often visited by many who use the Artisans' Map and by those who drive along the popular tourist drive of Caves Road.

gallery front



jane in wide gallery



Matan's Gallery has the unique attraction in that it is owned and operated by artists, and the visitor can experience art in a creative working environment. The artists who are available take the time from their work to show the visitors through the gallery.


Visitors may choose to take part in some of the "public" art works in progress such as the larger sculptures and mosaics.



mosaic path

3 fish


exhibit nite



Visiting artists may teach classes, give workshops or organise an exhibition.




The Gallery is generally open 10am to 5pm daily, when a Residential Artist is available to welcome visitors. Please contact us and make an appointment if you would like to book the gallery/studio, or request a special viewing of artwork.

All enquiries welcome. or telephone (08) 9757 2936