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Jane Coe

International Artist • Muralist

Jane arrived at Matan's in the summer of 2005, freshly inspired by newly learnt painting and decorating techniques, and brimming enthusiasm. She immediately found inspiration in the beautiful views of ocean & nature, and simplicity of lifestyle, which is very much reflected in her early work and mural painting around the property of Matan's Lodge.



Jane has completed a big and diverse body of work, all of which is bound by the common threads of love for the environment, belief that doing what you love can make a positive difference, and recycling materials, using knowledge and talent, to create something beautiful.
During Summer of 2008, she completed impressive mural signage for the Eagles Heritage Centre, donated proceeds from sales of artwork to pro-environment associations and has been very successful in her 'From Thin Ice' exhibition.

Jane is a travelling artist, and is a frequent visitor to the UK, Europe, Asia and Australasia.


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