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Cynamon Aeria

Teacher • Artist

Cynamon is a writer, teacher, artist and workshop facilitator in Natural Fibre Art, Traditional and Children's Craft. She first came to Matan's in 2003 as part of a woman's Acapella/drumming group .... and many years later (still playing her djembe!), she still hasn't left.

Together with her husband Jim, Cynamon co-manages Matan's Gallery & Lodge. She regularly runs workshops and gatherings, teaches with community groups, and exhibits her artwork in the Gallery. She has helped bring to Matans much enthusiasm, creative energy, ideas and a great sense of community and welcome, over the years..


"I love to encourage children & adults to explore their creativity, and help people reconnect with the energy and beauty of Nature around us...
Matans is the perfect place for this - peaceful, relaxed and surrounded by wildlife and bushland that inspires..."


cyn & kids


Lavender Basket : Thankyou

Influenced by indigenous and cultural art in her travels, Cynamon is inspired to incorporate traditional craftskills and storytelling in her artwork.

She discovered her love of basket weaving during her 2007 visit to Queensland and Central Australia. Since then, she has learnt weaving techniques from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and America (to name a few...).


Cynamon presents workshops in weaving (in addition to other traditional craft techniques, drumming and children's workshops). For more information about these workshops, please call or email her.


Dew Drop

wedding mandala

Our Wedding Mandala